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Were the fathers of the Christian Church philhellenes?

Saint Basil the Great, Bishop of Caesarea (alias Santa Claus)
«The Greeks are enemies, for they delight in devouring Israel with
their mouth wide open» « By mouth the prophet means (see Isaiah 9.11)
the power of the sophists' speech that will use every argument to
confuse the simple believers» Saint Basil of Caesarea ON PROPHET

«My Order is, (!!!) Show no cowardice when you are faced with the
Greeks' hypotheses, which resemble wood, or rather a used up torch
that has lost its' liveliness and all power of the wood, and neither
does it display any more the torches' glow. Indeed like extinguished,
smoking torches they will stain black and dishonor he who would reach
for them and bring tears to the eyes of those who would venture near
them. The same effect has (The Greeks') falsely named knowledge to the
people who would use it»

Basil the Great (alias Santa Claus) (330-379AD) FOREWORD TO THE

JOHN CHRYSOSTOM Archbishop of Constantinople

«Should you look into (Greek ideas) you will see ashes and dust and
nothing wholesome but a gaping grave that is the larynx (Of the Greek
philosophers) and everything filled with impurities and pus, their
doctrines swarming with vermin…this is what the Greeks begot and
expanded, taking over from the philosophers…as for ourselves we will
not resign from the fight against them».

John Chrysostom (344-407AD) ON SAINT JOHN THE APOSTLE (SPEECH Ξ΄Σ΄)

Note the philobarbarian attitude of Saint John Chrysostom:

«The more a nation looks barbaric and is estranged from Greek
culture, the more our teachings shine… this (faithful) barbarian has
conquered the entire world… and while all Greek culture is
extinguished and destroyed, his' (the barbarian's) shines brighter
every day».

Saint John Chrysostom TO JOHN 59.31.33

Saint John Chrysostom undermines the status of the library of
Alexandria with torching statements:

«Why therefore, should the Temple of Serapis (The Library of
Alexandria) be considered sacred on account of the books? It should
not be! … but demons occupy the place …rather these are ( the Greeks)
demons themselves… an invisible altar stands next to them on which
human souls are sacrificed… so understand and spread the word that
demons occupy the place». John Chrysostom ADVERSUS JUDAEOS 48.851.38
to 852.35

Demons according to the wise Archbishop were the books of the Library
of Alexandria and soul-sacrificing altars the Greek Libraries!

Accordingly the PATRIARCE OF ALEXANDRIA THEOPHILUS finally demolished
the Library in 391AD:

«In Alexandria all the buildings of the Temple of Serapis had a fate
similar to the poetic tales of the Giants …during the Kingdom of
Theodosius and presiding of Theophilus, the votive offerings were
destroyed-And they fought the statues and the votive offerings so
«valiantly» that they not only triumphed but stole them as well…of the
Temple of Serapis it was only the foundation stones they did not
remove, and that because of the weight of the stones, that (the
foundation stones) were immovable. These militant and avaricious
«braves»…considered the desecration to be a commendable act. Then we
were invaded by so called monks, a sort of people, who lead a pig's
life and are obviously deranged, perpetrating millions of unheard of
evil acts, thinking these were acts of devotion.. At that time any man
wearing a black robe had a tyrant's power and could perpetrate any
ugly act in public. To this «virtue» were people transformed by the
new religion». EUNAPIOS (346-414AD) VITAE SOPHISTORUM 6.11.4


«Your poor and wretched people, you have raised from the manure of
the Greek excrements and you have seated him among the Lords of
Israel, his own people».

Eusebius Praep Evang./ON PSALMS / HALLELUJAH. ΡΙΒ΄(23.1352.34)

«You have raised your poor and wretched people,

Relevant passages from the Writings of Eusebius:

«Abandoning the Greek follies is an act of wisdom». «Abandon all the
Greeks philosophers have proposed on the beginning of things». «(The
Greeks) …perform witchcraft and therewith force the minds of persons».
«Their statues are created with witchcraft and they lead you to
sorcery». «Of ancient Hebrews and why we preferred their Scriptures
over the Greek words». «The Greeks benefited in everything from the
barbarians». «Thieves of ideas are the Greeks». «Why after reasonable
judgment and wise deliberation we admitted the truth of the Hebrew


«As for myself I consider the Greek culture nonsense, uttered by an
evil demon and the saddest of affairs»


JOHN CHRYSOSTOM forbids use of Greek names
«None must call his children the (Greek) ancestors' names, be that of
their father, their mother, their grandfather or their great
grandfather, but instead you must use those of the righteous (of the
Old Testament)

John Chrysostom De inani gloria et de educandis liberis (690) 641.65

John Chrysostom recruited mercenaries to systematically demolish the
Greek majestic buildings:

«John the Great (Chrysostom) gathered monks inflamed with the zeal of
the Lord (fanatical monks), armed them with royal mandate and sent
them against the heathen (Greek) shrines. The money paid to those
working in demolition and to their assistants he did not obtain from
the royal treasury (!) but from wealthy ladies he convinced to
contribute so they would obtain the blessing of the Lord with the
splendor of their faith. In this way he razed to the ground the rest
of the buildings (Temples, monuments, graves, houses)». THEODORETUS

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