Friday, 7 December 2007

Appeal for resolution to International community regarding Macedonia


We the undersigned residents of the region of Greek Macedonia,have noted that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is systematically violating the letter and the spirit of the Interim Accord of 1995, the European acquis communautaire, relevant international agreements such as UN Security Council Resolutions 817/1993 and 845/1993, as well as resolutions of the European Union in Brussels (16.12.1991), Guimaraes (3.5.1992), Lisbon (27.6.1992) and Edinburgh (12.12.1992), and, more recently (2005), the European Council’s call far a ‘speedy solution’ of the name issue;
is promoting irredentist propaganda at the expense of Greek Macedonia and disseminates hostile feelings to its youth through textbooks at all levels of its educational system;
is monopolizing for expansionist purposes, the name ‘Macedonia’, although only a fraction of the Macedonian territory falls under its jurisdiction;
is appropriating Greek history and cultural heritage;
is turning Greece’s own generosity against her, employing the incalculable financial support which Greece has supplied in so many ways.
is deliberately provoking the Greek people, by offending official statements and acts and, despite its international legal commitments, refuses even to discuss a name acceptable to both parties and to the international community.
We, the 2.5 million Greek Makedones of Greek Macedonia, demand that our government exercise its right to prevent the accession of FYROM to the European Union and NATO, until such time as FYROM consents to a mutually acceptable name.
We also demand of our government to allow the Greek people to express their view on the final decision through a national referendum.
Greece and her people and especially we, the Makedones of Greek Macedonia, strongly object to the usurpation of our cultural heritage, the violation of our human right to retain our own identity and our dignity.

Therefore, we ask the international community to show its solidarity with the Greeks of Macedonia, who are European citizens. This solidarity, which is based on international and Community law, is also an obligation under articles 58 of the Constitutional Treaty of Europe, currently awaiting ratification. One of the criteria for accession of a country to the EU is respect for the values enshrined in articles 1 and 2. Specifically, article 2 requires (and this requirement is reiterated in article 61) respect for and protection of the dignity of other members. The values which fellow members are required to respect, include the names of states, their principles, symbols, history, traditions and so on.
We bring to your attention other instances in which attempts have been made to make improper use of a country's name, and where a change in name has been required; for example - the cases of Austria, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the ex-Yugoslavia/Serbia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, etc.
We appeal to the international organizations and the governments of countries which may have recognized EYROM under its so-called "constitutional name", and to all interested parties, emphasizing that:
- The name in itself would not represent the essence of the problem if it was not being used as a vehicle for irredentist claims against Greece, as has already been apparent in the actions of our neighbour to date in invoking a ‘Macedonian’ minority in Greek Macedonia.
- The problem of the deliberate distortion of history, with which we are all familiar, is a provocation to the Greek people, leading to destabilization across the broader region of Southeastern Europe.
We ask you most earnestly to avert the destabilization of the Balkan countries.
Greece assists and protects the multi-ethnic population of our neighbour FYROM, where Greek businesses are in the vanguard of foreign investors. Greece has more at stake than any other country in the stability of the region.
You can be confident that your support for the Greeks of Macedonia is at the same time an indication of solidarity with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and, of course, with our shared European ideals.

On the basis of the fundamental principles enshrined in UN and EU documents, we request your support for a solution which will not lead to the appropriation of Greek identity and will not entail possible territorial claims.

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