Saturday, 29 September 2007

In memoriam of Paul Allen

Paul Allen was a fine Englishman, but also a vivacious Philhellene. His main hobby was battle reconstruction and in particular ancient Greek battles. His love for the ancient Greek way of living led to the 1st International Ancient Greek Festival held in Watford in June 2006. I attended not knowing what to expect. I saw many people, Greeks and not-Greeks dressed immaculately ready for battle in ancient Spartan and other battle dresses. I met many people who came from all over the world for this cause. Their main love was battle reconstruction but I believe that their love for Greece was even greater.
I there and then felt a "real" Greek for the first time. I saw how my ancenstors lived. We had a libation and sacrifice to the ancient Gods of ours. There were also many many talks and people came just to experience that.
This year Paul and his fighting and tireless spirit made a comeback and revived the glory of ancient Greece, this time in Sheffield, U.K. However, this time, sadly I did not make it due to work commitments. I did not know I was never going to meet Paul again.
Alas, this September the most weird of accidents happened. A piece of wood stuck through his eye and went into the brain. Like a Persian arrow this wood killed Paul eventually after a week spent in I.T.U. in Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry.
It is usually said that the Gods get their loved ones quickly to have them among theirs t enjoy the nectar and ambrosia.
Paul, may Hermes himself lead you to the Elysian fields. And may you find rest among King Leonidas and the other immortal Heroes that died for their country. You are happy that you will never meet the nether regions of Hades.
Yours spirit lives among us, our friend

Paul Allen, RIP

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