Monday, 21 January 2008

Turkey-Uncultured vandals desecrate ancient Greek monuments

Surfing with Google earth, and looking at photos of ancient Hellenic ruins, i happened to discover something terrible, and disgraceful to the Hellenic nation!
On the ancient ruins of the temple of Apollo in Asia Minor, there was the photo of the most hated Turkish leader (Kemal Attaturk) drown on the wall!
It is really sad to see the Hellenic government, trying to be friends with the Turks, wile they have no respect what so ever, about the ancient and holly temples of Hellenic antiquity!
Here is the disgraceful photo!


386-DX said...

I wonder what makes you think that K. Ataturk is the most hated Turkish leader. Perhaps you should check here to see what the Greeks have said after he passed away:
Or perhaps you can begin learning by how to spell his name. It just makes you look clueless when you base claims without any foundation.

That being said, it really is a disgrace if the picture was drown on an ancient wall.

386-DX said...

Uh oh, the link is broken. Here is a better one: