Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Greek newspaper "NEA" withdraws online poll as they do not favour the results obtained thus far

It had to be seen to be believed. The Greek newspaper "NEA" belonging to the D.O.L. group (publishing also the morning paper "To Vima”) withdrew an online poll within hours since the results were not anticipated.

The online poll's subject was the support or not of the government’s wish in providing the opportunity to immigrants in obtaining Greek citizenship. Within a few hours 80% of its readership voted in a negative fashion. In a humiliating act the editors withdrew silently the poll from its website, leaving no trace behind!!!

The immigration issue is a "hot potato" at present since there is practically no immigration policy by the present government. The PA.SO.K. Government wishes to give citizenship to illegal (non EU) immigrants who do not fulfil basic requirements as found in other EU countries. For example there is no requirement to speak the Greek language and there are no examinations as those required from immigrants wishing to obtain the British citizenship. There is strong opposition from the people who have seen immigrants numbers raised to 15% of the country's total population within the last decade due to erratic policies.

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