Sunday, 25 May 2008

Greeks living in Switzerland to raise lawsuits about Macedonia

Skopje/Geneva /14/05/ 16:25

The Greek Diaspora in Switzerland will file lawsuits against the Swiss
Cantonal authorities and companies unless they stop to name the Republic of
Macedonia under its constitutional name.

"We demand from the Swiss authorities and private companies to modify the
forms in which the Republic of Macedonia is referred to under that name,
instead of FYROM," Yoanis Skoulas, the president of the Greek culture
association "Macedonia", told Ina Agency.

The Skopje-based agency reports that the reaction of the Greek association
has been published in the Swiss media under the motto "There is only one
Macedonia and it is Greek." /end/

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1 comment:

epsilon said...

well done!
May all Hellines (Greeks) do the same. As they say in Hellas "in the foreign countries we are the best"...

Είθε όλοι να κάναμε το ίδιο. Τελικά "έξω" πάμε καλα...

Προς υπεύθυνο/η ιστοσελίδας,
Θα θέλαμε να χρησιμοποιήσουμε σχόλιο με δικό σας άρθρο/α.
Παρακαλώ όπως μας ειδοποιήσετε εάν είναι δυνατό κάτι τέτοιο.
Εννοείται ότι θα αναφερόμαστε στον αρθρογράφο