Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The antiHellenic work of the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (O.T.E.)

COSMOFON sponsor of the FIS Snowboard Cup 2008 in Mavrovo

Continuing the tradition to support sport activities, COSMOFON in cooperation with the Macedonian Ski Federation once again sponsored the FIS Snowboard Cup 2008.
On January 26 – 27, for the first time in the country the snowboard competition in slope style (free style) was held in Mavrovo, with participation of fifteen domestic snowboarders as well as snowboarders from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.
With this, COSMOFON continues to support sport events, thus contributing to the development of sports in the country and approximation of the local with the international sport scene.
Και για να μην υπάρχει και καμιά παρεξήγηση για το ποιά είναι η COSMOFON
για μια ακόμη φορά δείτε τι γράφουν στο "about us"
The first call through the network of COSMOFON took place on May 16, 2003.
COSMOFON commenced its commercial operation on June 12, 2003.
COSMOFON’s network codes are 075 and 076.
COSMOFON is a company owned 100% by the OTE Group, the leading telecommunications group in Greece and the largest integrated telecommunications operator in Southeastern Europe. The vision of OTE is to rank among the top telecommunications companies in Europe.
COSMOFON is a company managed by COSMOTE, leading mobile operator in Greece with the fastest growth in Europe. Cosmote commenced its work in 1998 and has significantly influenced the telecommunications market in Greece.
και φυσικά οι χορηγίες για τους "Μακεδόνες" (the Macedonian representative, Macedonian National Theatre, Macedonian music, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, Macedonian basket, Macedonian cities, Macedonian audience, famous Macedonian producers...και ότι άλλο μπορείτε να φανταστείτε με το MACEκάτι μπροστά) του COSMOTE έχουν και συνέχεια....
από παλαιότερες επιτυχίες της "Ελληνικής" εταιρίας...
προωθήστε το...αξίζει τον κόπο να διαφήμισουμε το αξιομνημόνευτο έργο αυτής "Ελληνικής" εταιρίας...

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